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JANUARY 9, 2017

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Episode - #0386 (58:00)
Jim Beqaj is the author of True Fit: How To Find The Right Job By Being You. The former President of Wood Gundy is now a Human Capital Expert and he believes that if you're looking for a job you should file away that CV and stop networking.
Ian Fieggen is the man behind the world's most popular website dedicated to shoelaces. It's Ian's Shoelace Site and it has everything you could possibly want to know about shoelaces and how to tie shoes.
Chrissy Steed, the CEO of The KiddiePreneur Brand, is also the author of The KiddiePreneur in You. Chrissy explains how to get your kids into business for themselves at a very young age.
This week's opening slate is presented by Michel R. Magnan, a Stuph File Program listener.
Music heard on this week's show includes:
  • Soulful Strut - Grover Washington Jr. (opening theme)
  • Satin Soul - Barry White (liner music)
  • Summer Samba - Walter Wanderley (liner music)
  • Stink - John Lurie (closing theme)
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